Objectives of the project


The overall objectives of the project consisted of identifying the problems encountered in the indoor environment of crèches, formulating proposals for concrete solutions to deal with them, and communicating throughout the project in an unequivocal manner to the relevant authorities.


In particular, the objectives include:

  • reducing the negative impact of the indoor environment of crèches on the health of children;
  • encouraging awareness and prevention in the living environment of young children, with regard to indoor pollution issues; 
  • supporting collaboration as part of a concrete project between the ONE (Birth and Childhood Office of the French-speaking Community of Belgium), Kind & Gezin (its Flemish counterpart) and KDF on the quality of the indoor environment in crèches and the health of children. 


These objectives were achieved in strict observance of:

  • the organisation and operating rules of the ONE, Kind & Gezin and KDF;
  • the motivation of teams working in crèches1, guaranteed by appropriate information both at the beginning and at the end of the project and by regular updates; 
  • anonymity for crèches which took part in the project.



1 The term 'crèche' covers all collective care facilities in receipt of subsidy.