More information

  • Summarypresentation and final report of the project
  • For the Flemish Region: the Medische Milieukundigen MMK (experts in environmental health, working as part of the so-called “Lokaal Gezondheidsoverleg”, the co-ordination of preventive health care at local level)
  • For the Brussels-Capital Region: the CRIPI, Regional Indoor Pollution Intervention Unit 
  • For the Walloon Region:   
    • The LPI, research laboratory in the field of indoor pollution for the province of Hainaut
    • The SAMI (Services d’Analyse des Milieux Intérieurs), indoor environment analysis units for the provinces of Liege, Namur and Walloon Brabant. 
    • The SAMILUX, indoor environment analysis unit for the province of Luxemburg