NEHAP objectives

The Belgian National Environment and Health Action Plan (NEHAP) provides a global, coherent framework for action in the field of environment and health at all institutional levels in Belgium. NEHAP aims to provide a toolbox for practical, concerted actions. It promotes synergies at all levels, between actors, sectors, subjects and policies.


Adopted definitively on 3rd April 2003, by the Joint-Interministerial Conference on Environment and Health (JICEH), NEHAP offers a "toolbox" and "reference framework" for action. NEHAP transposes the commitments made by Belgium to the international community. It presents a report on the issue within the Belgian Federal State, whilst drawing together as much useful information as possible for the actors concerned.


In terms of these sources, NEHAP contributes real added value, by giving a coherent framework to all of the Belgian public sector actors. These actors are invited to enhance NEHAP through shared objectives, strengthened cooperation and joint measures.


NEHAP encourages a multi-sectoral approach, ensuring that bridges to all of the policies related to health and the environment (agriculture, transport, energy, industry, etc.) are in place.