The Cell Environment-Health

Officially established through the cooperation agreement of 10th December 2003, the Cell Environment-Health is the preparatory body of JICEH. The standing secretariat of the cell is ensured by the Federal Authority.


The Cell Environment-Health, which includes a representative from each ministry for the environment and each health ministry, is the preparatory body of the JICEH and performs the tasks assigned to it by the JICEH .


It manages its work autonomously and each year, submits an activity report to the JICEH for approval, including the use of its financial and personnel resources, along with an activity programme, including objectives and budgets, for the coming operational year.


The cell can be called upon at the express request of the JICEH with regard to the execution of international obligations in the area of the environment and health.


In the fulfilment of its duties, the Cell is assisted by a standing secretariat, located within the Department for the Environment of the FPS for Health, which convenes and prepares its meetings, establishes a proposed agenda and drafts the minutes of meetings.