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Leefmilieu-Gezondheid België

2004: The Budapest Conference: the environment, health and children

The fourth WHO-Europe ministerial conference on the environment and health targeted its work on the protection of children. It resulted in an action plan, focusing on four priority objectives. 


The title of this conference was: “The future for our children”. The data presented by the WHO is eloquent on this issue. “One third of total morbidity from birth until the age of 18 years”, the international organisation points out, “can be attributed to an unhygienic and unhealthy environment at home and, more generally, in the living environment”. 


Belgium played an active part in the Budapest Conference by participating in all of the international preparatory meetings. Even in Budapest, a large delegation represented our country, led by two ministers. One of the 11 conference sessions was presided over by the minister for Social Affairs and Health of the Walloon Region.