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Leefmilieu-Gezondheid België

1999: The London Conference: the environment, health, water and transport

The main result of the ministerial conference in London, organised under the aegis of the WHO-Europe, was the adoption of a protocol on water and health, on 17th June 1999. Furthermore a charter on transport, environment and health was signed in London.


The Kingdom of Belgium (Federal Authority, Regions and Communities) ratified the protocol of 29th June 2004. The protocol entered into force on 4th August 2005.


A Charter on transport, the environment and health was also signed at the London Conference. This Charter includes a series of principles, approaches and strategic directions in favour of sustainable means of transport in relation to health and the environment. 


As a follow-up to the “transport” Charter, in 2002, the WHO and UNECE launched the pan-European programme on the environment, health and transport, for 2003-2006. This programme is called “THE PEP” (Transport, Health, Environment; Pan European Programme).


Belgium is represented within the “THE PEP” steering committee.