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Leefmilieu-Gezondheid België

The environment and health strategy

Whether it involves data collection and analysis, stimulating research or protecting groups at risk, the Commission encourages an integrated and de-compartmentalised approach.


In its environment and health strategy (2003), the Commission considers that it is indispensable to integrate all of the information available on the state of the environment, the ecosystem and public health. Until now, notes the Commission, evaluations of environmental impact and policy actions have focused solely on pollutants in each sector of the environment. The situation is more complex, however: people are exposed to a combination of pollutants which interact in the environment and in the human body. The Commission encourages amongst other initiatives the creation of an “integrated system for monitoring the environment and health” which makes it possible to collect complete series of information progressively and systematically.


Another aspect of the new strategy is that the Commission advocates the redoubling of efforts to protect groups at risk, specifically children, who are particularly sensitive to environmental risks. It has launched the “SCALE” initiative (Science, Children, Awareness, Legal instrument, Evaluation).